We create an all-inclusive customized design package for your home or business that can be installed for years to come.


Regina prides herself in the way she simply enhances the décor of the space she is working with. Our designs will not overpower your space, but instead infuse it with spirit of the holiday!

To see a gallery of our designs, click here.


Depending on the current lighting and installations, we will adjust and possibly install lighting that sets the perfect mood in the room.


This process happens over the course of several days. We will need to asses your space, hear what you imagine the perfect scene to look like, and then take anywhere from 3 hours to 2 days to install the designs.

Take Down

After your event or holiday, we will come in and gently remove all of the designs and pack it away so you can reuse it in following years. For more details on re-installation, click here.


Call us today for a design consultation and quote. Each of our designs is customized for your space and imagination so pricing varies from client to client.


After your first seasonal design installation, we will gently take down and pack all of the elements so you can use the pieces for years to come. We can re-install and refresh your designs each year for a reduced rate.

Please make sure to schedule an appointment for us to review your project so we can order any necessary elements to enhance the design. Re-installation days can then be set as well.


Regina’s decor is always a topic of discussion at parties. Her ability to simply accessorize and enhance a room’s décor is one of the reasons she has been successful for over 20 years. Her exquisite flower arrangements, table settings, lighting schemes, and catering choices are all customized to your concepts and space to create an elegant experience.

As your installation is unique to your event, pricing varies. Please fill out a consultation request here, call for an appointment with Regina to discuss your ideas and dates. We’ll create several concepts for you to consider. Depending on the scope of your event, installation should take 1-2 days.