Meet Reginaregina-gust

Regina Gust’s fore’ into the world of Holiday/Seasonal design began with her twin sister, Janet, in1989 when they landed a job decorating the outdoor area of a shopping center in Houston, Texas. While Janet preferred the world of interior design, Regina chose to continue forging her path in the Holiday/Seasonal arena. For over twenty years, Regina has successfully cultivated a portfolio which includes both residential and commercial holiday/seasonal designs. The Houston Chronicle cleverly noted, “Regina is the Queen of the holidays in Houston” and calls her the “go-to designer for decking the halls, walls and malls” for Christmas.

How do you get twenty years of happy clients? Love what you do! Regina Gust’s clients will be the first to tell you, she loves what she does. Within five minutes of meeting her, Regina’s limitless talent and effervescent nature capture you.

To begin the design process, Regina listens and instantly gleans an understanding of her client’s taste and style. Some clients offer Regina a “blank canvas,” while others wish to work with their existing holiday decorations. Either way, she creates one-of-a-kind, beautiful designs to compliment each client’s décor or commercial setting. Regina’s vast creativity keeps her designs fresh and elegant.

Over the past few years, client requests for fresh floral arrangements for special events played into Regina’s passion for creative design and acted as a segway for two new areas for her design services. Regina now offers a year-round service of fresh floral designs for events, celebrations and parties. In addition, Regina is also making a name for herself in the Houston event scene by using her unique vision to create exquisite décor for social and business events as well as weddings.

Regina’s childhood served the foundation for her exceptional work ethic with parents who encouraged the entrepreneurial spirit, urged their children to try new endeavors, and most of all, not to fear failure. Regina inherited from her mother, Barbara, an eye for fashion, a love of fabrics, an interest unique color combinations, and the pure beauty of design.