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Check out this beautiful contemporary valentines arrangement!

Check out this beautiful contemporary valentines arrangement!! The combination of pink Stock, pink Tulips, red Anemones, pink Hyacinth, & pink Coxcomb really make for a stunning piece! Not only looks good but smells so fresh!! #valentines #DIY #floral #love #makesomeonesmile #brightenupyourroom #reginagust #pink #red (at Regina Gust Designs)

Pretty in Pink

Pretty in Pink

Don’t let your holiday celebrations stop at New Years. Valentines day is just a month away! We love any occasion that calls for pretty pink decorations and flowers.

Valentines Day decor does not have to mean Hearts and Cupids. We created this sophisticated staircase with just a few components: English ivy, balls of fresh flowers and several different beautiful pink ribbons. The final result is an elegant staircase that complements many different design styles.

You can recreate this look in other colors and with different flowers. It would be stunning in red or white or even green for Easter! 

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